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Vedic counseling forms the basis of Vedic therapy, health prevention and maintaining a literate and happy lifestyle. It is the basis of Vedic psychology and Ayurvedic psychotherapy, but unlike Western psychology, its field of knowledge and activity is much wider, and concerns literally all areas of human life, including career and creative self-expression, relationships at all levels (colleagues, friends, partners and other), family issues and issues of raising children, work and finances, as well as the spiritual sphere of life - the nature of consciousness, mind, "I", karma, death and rebirth, and others.


Ayurvedic psychotherapy is a branch of Ayurvedic knowledge, which is aimed primarily at spiritual and mental healing. She studies the subtle causes of illnesses and inharmonious mental states, which are eliminated through the acquisition of spiritual knowledge, self-knowledge and self-improvement, as well as the practices of yoga, meditation, pranayama, mantras, prayers and others.


Thus, Ayurvedic counseling is both treatment, and psychotherapy, and education and life guidance. And a Vedic consultant can be compared to an experienced navigator who has knowledge of undercurrents, reefs, weather conditions in various sea latitudes, confidently and fearlessly paving the way for a ship in any life situation, whether it be calm and clear sun or a stormy wind.


Obviously, this approach requires a great deal of knowledge and life experience, as it ensures the integration of all Vedic disciplines, such as Ayurveda (medicine), Yoga (the art of enlightenment), Vedanta (philosophy), Jyotish (astrology), Vastu (architecture), and as well as the principles of a healthy lifestyle in general. A Vedic specialist must know most of these disciplines thoroughly, and continue his education throughout his life, including the study of his own body and consciousness, which means that he must steadily follow everything he teaches, and be guided by healing methods not just by following a textbook, but by proven ones, analyzed and confirmed by own experience.


Vedic counseling shows the correct attitude to the whole life of a person through its psychological aspects, using the Vedic psychology of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta, as the highest directions of self-knowledge and self-realization. With its methods of healing - both body and spirit - it chooses the most ancient, beautiful and effective methods on all planes of existence, such as yoga therapy, pranayama, mantra and sound therapy, meditation and others. All this leads to the restoration of inner harmony, balance, clarity, openness, sincere communication, satisfaction and inner peace. It also helps to open our inner resources, our heart and mind, develop awareness, get to know ourselves and the world, move along the path of self-realization.

Many Ayurvedic specialists believe that the revival of Graha-Chikitsa - the psychological and psychotherapeutic aspects of Ayurveda - will help eliminate those diseases that modern society and medicine cannot cope with.


Today, more than ever, it is important that humanity try to develop the understanding of its body, mind and consciousness to the maximum in order to reveal its potential not only in information, science and technology, but also in the realization of Consciousness at the highest transcendental levels. And this is possible only by truly delving into ourselves, knowing our inner world, thanks to which we will be able to know the entire Universe, enclosed within us and at the same time extending beyond the boundaries of time and space.